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fire Relief and recovery Assistance

Click here to access 2-1-1's 416 Fire Relief and Recovery Assistance Guide.

2-1-1 Available in Southwest Colorado!

Help spread the word - you can call 2-1-1 from any phone in southwest Colorado and receive assistance from a live referral specialist.  These specialists can help to identify options such as child care, housing, tax assistance, emergency assistance, healthcare, transportation, education, and so much more!  The service is free and confidential.

2-1-1 is also often called into extended service during disasters to provide non-emergency, yet important information for people who need it.

You can also click on our "Find Help" button above or visit 24 hours per day to access our extensive list of resources. 

Support the Movement to Make 2-1-1 More Sustainable

Nonprofits like United Way and various government agencies provide excellent programs to support people in need. The problem: The people who need these programs often don’t know they exist.

This is why United Way supports the Calling for 2-1-1 Act. The bill would create a national social service hotline, 2-1-1, to help people find organizations that can help them.

There are already 240 active 2-1-1 call centers in 46 states, but they lack the resources needed to build an adequate telecommunications infrastructure, provide appropriate staff levels and training, establish or maintain 24-hour-a-day service, ensure complete and accurate informational databases, and reach rural populations. The Calling for 2-1-1 Act would provide funding necessary to meet these needs.

While there is significant support for the bill, we need your help to ensure that legislators view passage of the bill as a priority and get it done.