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100x100 is back!

The last few months of the 2016-17 campaign are critical to help us make our fundraising goals. For that reason we are running the 100x$100 campaign again this spring. We are aiming to have 100 businesses give $100 each to help finish out the campaign. Last year, our first year, we received about 10 contributions. We hope to expand on that and meet our goal of 100! This is a relatively easy way for a small business to participate and receive some recognition too. Once a contribution has been made, that business can challenge another one to match the $100, and so on and so on. These funds will go to help approximately 40 nonprofits in our local communities. Funds stay in the community where it is raised. These funds are so critical to our partners because they often use United Way funds as their local match for federal and state grants. Without these, they would need to hold additional fundraisers to raise those dollars for the matching part of grants. This is the easieest way to help them and let them focus on the critical work that they do!!!! Give today! CLICK HERE